Remembering Matthew Shepard

Remembering Matthew Shepard is adapted from the music I composed for a 2001 production of “The Laramie Project” by Philadelphia Theatre Company. The play is a portrait of a town forced to confront itself after the 1998 murder of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. “The Laramie Project” is constructed from interviews with Laramie’s citizens; their words and deeds reveal both terrifying darkness and life-affirming compassion. The music consists of six parts, separated by brief pauses:

Part I: journal entries

Part II: finding Matthew Shepard

Part III: medical update

Part IV: the Word and the jury

Part V: candle vigil and the fence

Part VI: the day of the funeral, snow

Commissioned by Vincenzo Volpe and the inaugural National Flute Association LGBTQ Flute Choir for the virtual “Remembrance and Healing Concert” organized by George Pope in 2021

Instrumentation: 1 Piccolo 4 C Flutes 2 Alto Flutes 2 Bass Flutes 1 Contrabass Flute

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