Everything I Thought I Wanted

University of Michigan Percussion

Robert Maggio’s Everything I Thought I Wanted is a dynamic new six movement work composed for the University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble.

The work grew out of months of collaboration with the group and resulted in a large-scale piece and commissioning project between Rob, U-M, and university percussion ensembles from around the United States.

The work was premiered and recorded in fall 2023.

The U-M Percussion Ensemble is directed by Ian Antonio and Doug Perkins. The performers are Elijah Hall, James Koo, Paige Madden, and Rachel Richards.

1. unexpected overture (00:00)

2. imaginary friend (03:33)

3. polygroove (07:37)

4. expanding circular dream (09:20)

5. glass carousel (14:37)

6. endless possibilities (17:25)

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