The Crossing releases ANIARA: Revisited, four new videos

Feb 02, 2022 The Crossing releases ANIARA: Revisited, four new videos

With these videos, the Crossing celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ever-innovative and searching Klockriketeatern with fond memories of their 2019 collaboration with composer Robert Maggio on Aniara: fragments of time and space. 

An opportunity to relive some favorite moments in the 90-minute, staged production the Crossing premiered in Philadelphia, then took to the Haarlem Choral Biennale in The Netherlands and finally to Helsinki, where Klockrike hosted them at the Finnish National Opera.

Four new videos: the first, Aniara Revisited, a distillation of the story into brief vignettes with music by Robert Maggio, libretto and direction from Klockrike’s director Dan Henriksson, our Finnish production team with actors and dancer, and, of course, The Crossing! There are also videos of three complete scenes, including the crowning achievement of the project, its finale: “Who knows the last answer at the bottom of the question?”

Plus! Three new blogs from Dan on Movement 5 “We Still Pursue The Customs Formed On Earth”, Rob on Movement 10 “Lamentation” and

Donald on Movement 17 “Beneath the Catalpa Tree” that look back at this work with our new videos, from the perspective of distance, time, and separation – not unlike what Harry Martinson left us in the voices of the drifting, lost travelers of his masterwork, Aniara.

Congratulations to Klockriketeatern on 30 years of creative inventiveness.

Thanks for joining us on the ongoing journey we call…