The following is a list of the amazingly talented individuals and groups with whom I have had the honor to work on various levels. I hold them all in the highest regard and it is with great pleasure that I share them with you.


Amy Buchwald, playwright and lyricist for Candy Hearts, a musical play
Bruce Graham, libretto, Moon Over The Brewery, a new musical based on his own play
Dan Henriksson, director & librettist, Aniara: fragments of time and space
Eric Rounds, Creative Technologist who designed and developed this site
Justin Warner, playwright, writing the libretto for the musical Far From The Tree
Kristin Maloney, lyricist, Far From The Tree, a new musical
Lawrence Ogden, commercial and fine art photographer, who designed several of my CD layouts
Maria Mileaf, directed Nickel and Dimed at Philadelphia Theatre Company
Mark Roxey, choreographer for JLS and Fall of Freddie the Leaf
Mary B. Robinson, directed Third at Philadelphia Theatre Company, The Tempest at Brooklyn College, Holiday Memories and Of Mice and Men at Philadelphia Drama Guild
Mary Liz McNamara, lyricist for Summer: 2 AM, Into the Light, Lucy Lost Her Laugh, and Snow Day
Matthew Hardy, playwright and lyricist for Bling!, a musical, and The Rubberers, a musical
Matthew Neenan, choreographer for Jackson Sounds, Le Travail, and Vibrate
Michael Hollinger, playwright and lyricist for Touchtones, a musical
Randy James, choreographer for Rook and Vol d’Oiseau

Videos about teaching and composing

WHYY's Creative Campus Series: Making Beauty, Critically-acclaimed composer and West Chester University music professor, Robert Maggio, explains his creative process
WHYY's Creative Campus Series: Primum non noncore,


– some of the extraordinary people who have premiered, performed and recorded my compositions

American Brass Quintet, premiered and recorded A Sense of Space
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, premiered Big Top
Bart Feller, flute, premiered and recorded Two Quartets, The Laurel Tree, and Fluano Pianute
Borromeo String Quartet, premiered and recorded Rain and Ash (String Quartet No. 2)
Boston Pops, premiered Skylines
Bucks County Choral Society, premiered and recorded Rachel and Her Children – Small Hands Relinquish All
Carl Cranmer, piano, premiered Let Me Start Over
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, presented Two Quartets (desire, movement, love, stillness)
Charles Abramovic, piano, premiered love•bird
Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia, premiered The Wishing Tree
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, performed Dorian Prelude
Clint Allen, commissioned and recorded Surfarara, performed Revolver
Colin Currie, percussion, performed Songs from the Wood
Composers, Inc., presented Two Quartets and Divide
Corigliano Quartet, performed and recorded Songbook for Annamaria
Dallas/Fort Worth Symphony, performed Big Top
Daniel Grabois, horn, premiered and recorded Divide
David Fedele, recorded Phoenix
DC’s Different Drummer’s Band, premiered Quilt Panels (for my love, for my grief, for my letting go)
Detroit Chamber Winds, premiered River Song
Don Liuzzi, percussion, recorded Barcarole (seven made gods who rule the sea), premiered Lucy Lost Her Laugh
Donald Nally and The Crossing, conducted the premiere of Aniara: fragments of time and space, The Woman Where We Are Living, Voices and The Wishing Tree
Geoff Burleson, piano, performed Prelude, Hymn and Toccata
Hugh Sung, piano, recorded Barcarole (seven mad gods who rule the sea)
John Koen, premiered and recorded Winter Toccata, recorded Barcarole (seven mad gods who rule the sea)
Kennett Symphony Children’s Chorus, performed Snow Day
Kennett Symphony of Chester County, premiered The Century Garden
Lara St. John, violin, premiered Sicilian Songs
Laura Heimes, soprano, premiered Summer: 2 AM
Long Beach Symphony Orchestra, premiered Dos Visiones
Makoto Nakura, marimba, premiered Triangle Trade
Matt Bengston, piano, performed love•bird
Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, premiered Into the Light
Meridian Arts Ensemble, premiered and recorded Revolver
Network for New Music, premiered From Earth to the Moon and Vibrate
New York Festival of Song, premiered Love and Travel, and Four Men at the Door Today
New York Youth Symphony, premiered Dorian Prelude
Newburyport Chamber Music Festival, premiered Triangle Trade
Oakland East Bay Symphony, premiered Imaginary Dances and performed Big Top
Ocean City Pops, premiered Boardwalk
Orchestra 2001, premiered Summer: 2 AM, and performed and recorded River Song
Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, premiered Dos Visiones
Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, premiered Angels, Open Road and Into the Light
Philadelphia Orchestra, performed Big Top
Rainbow City Band, performed Quilt Panels (for my love, for my grief, for my letting go)
Randall Scarlata, baritone, performed Forgiving Our Fathers and Let Me Start Over
Reading Choral Society, premiered I Hear America Singing
Riverside Symphonia, premiered At the River, Snow Day, and Color and Light
Robert Koenig, premiered and recorded Duo Concertante, recorded Fluano Pianute
Sanford Sylvan, baritone, premiered Forgiving Our Fathers
Scott St. John, violin, premiered and recorded Duo Concertante, performed and recorded Barcarole (seven mad gods who rule the sea)
Serafin String Quartet, performed Songbook for Annamaria
Shai Wosner, piano, premiered Sicilian Songs
Sophia Anastasia, flute, premiered and recorded Touching Heaven
Strata, premiered and recorded Riddle
Tampa Bay Youth Orchestra, premiered My Home in the Horizon
Tara Helen O’Connor, flute, performed Two Quartets, recorded Pheonix

Former Students of Mine

– some of the amazingly talented composers I have had the good fortune to teach at West Chester University

Daniel Paul Lawson,
Daniel Shapiro,
David Trum,
James Falconi,
Jenni Brandon,
Jonathan Manness,
Laura Kramer,
Lona Kozik,
Melissa Dunphy,
Mendel Lee,
Michael Mollo,
Robert Trusko,

Former Teachers of Mine

– musicians who shaped my musical thinking

Chinary Ung, composition at the University of Pennsylvania
Christopher Hasty, composition and music theory at Yale University
Eugene Narmour, music theory and musicianship at the University of Pennsylvania
George Crumb, composition at the University of Pennsylvania
Jay Reise, composition and dissertation advisor at the University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Berger, composition and music theory at Yale University

Artists Colonies

– where I had the good fortune to be in residence and write music for long, uninterrupted stretches of time, and met amazing artists from a variety of disciplines

Djerassi Resident Artists Program,
The MacDowell Colony,