English Horn Expressions


Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia English horn

Kevin Arthur Jr. composer
Lera Auerbach composer
Robert Maggio composer
Steve Heitzeg composer
Jenni Brandon composer
Behzad Ranjbaran composer
Gilles Silvestrini composer
Adolphus Hailstork composer
Alyssa Morris composer
Michael Isaacson composer
Ayser Vancin composer
Michael Berkeley composer
Vincent Persichetti composer
Clare Grundman composer

Deeply expressive and melodic, the English horn boasts a unique texture in the woodwind family. On Elizabeth Masoudnia’s aptly titled ENGLISH HORN EXPRESSIONS, the instrument has found itself in the spotlight, guided by Masoudnia’s soothing tone, and lending a distinguished voice to the works of several composers. The vast lyrical range of the English horn shines throughout this album, emphasized by Masoudnia’s adept artist skill set. Containing works inspired by paintings and poetry, works written explicitly for Masoudnia, and more, the Philadelphia native’s Navona Records debut carries a healthy balance of sentimentality and musical prowess.