Trumpet Concerto (In Memory) —2007

Trumpet Concerto (In Memory) was commissioned by Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski, trumpet, who gave the world premiere with Carl Cranmer, piano, at West Chester University.


I. call of the running tide

II. the wind like a whetted knife

III. the sea’s face

IV. a tall ship and a star

Program Notes

Trumpet Concerto (In Memory) is dedicated to the memory of my father, Thomas Maggio, who passed away suddenly in July 2007. The movement titles are drawn from Masefield’s “Sea-Fever,” a favorite poem of my father’s, because he was a life-long explorer who loved the sea and its promise of adventure. The ordering of the four movements is more symphonic than the typical three-movement concerto form. The emotional landscape echoes the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ model of the process of grieving.