Shakuntala —1989

The songs and incidental music for this production of Kalidasa’s Shahuntala was commissioned by Villanova theater. This beautiful production was directed by James J. Christy.


The music is all original, composed for this production by Yale-trained composer Robert Maggio. Performed on Indian instruments, it harmoniously links the many facets of this remarkable drama.

Cheryl Powell, Main Line Times, December 7, 1989

Robert Maggio’s original music, performed by a skillful orchestra of four seated on stage, is a constant and eloquent backdrop for the dances and the play. It is in fact this music that gives the play its ritual backbone, and brings us closest to the “celestial realm of justice and recalling us to love” that the program notes for this production promise will be evoked.

Carol Burbank, Philadelphia City Paper, December 8, 1989