Everything I Thought I Wanted —2023


Everything I Thought I Wanted was composed mostly during the Spring of 2023, when I was musing (perhaps more than usual) about my childhood wishes and dreams. Sonically, this influenced the choice of instrumentation, and led to the inclusion of the toy piano, kalimba, glockenspiel, and crotales into the ensemble. Individual movements initially had specific impressionistic titles, though I removed them after they were completed, hoping to inspire more open-minded listening and personal imagery. I am deeply grateful to Doug Perkins, who organized the wonderful consortium of percussion studio teachers around the US to co-commission the work.


for percussion quartet

duration ca. 22 minutes

NOTE: Movements are arranged for contrast in key, mode, tempo, and meter. Movements may be re-ordered, and/or played individually or in preferred subsets.


Player 1: Vibraphone, *Kalimba (share with 4), Sizzle Cymbal

Player 2: Toy Piano, Egg Shaker, Hi-Hat (with pedal), Cajon, Vibraphone (with bass bow)

Player 3: Crotales (with bass bow), Temple Blocks, Suspended Cymbal, Glockenspiel, Marimba (share with 4)

Player 4 : Marimba, *Kalimba (share with 1), Kick Drum (with pedal)

*if it’s logistically easier, player 1 can play the Kalimba/Kick Drum part in Movement 3, and Player 4 can play Vibraphone/Sizzle Cymbal


  1. unexpected overture
  2. imaginary friend
  3. polygroove
  4. expanding circular dream
  5. glass carousel
  6. endless possibilities


Organized by Doug Perkins – University of Michigan (lead commissioner), eight university percussion ensembles around the US have formed a consortium to commission this new work, including: Scott Herring – University of South Carolina, Ayano Kataoka – University of Massachusetts Amherst, Gene Koshinski – University of Delaware, Matt McClung – St. Olaf College, Todd Meehan – Baylor University, Sam Solomon – Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Ralph Sorrentino – West Chester University, Jean Carlo Ureña Gonzalez – Lawrence University