Candy Hearts, a musical play —2014

A provocative new musical play in the vein of Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, and The Scottsboro Boys, CANDY HEARTS explores of the cycle of domestic violence following three couples down the dark paths that blur the borders between love and control, passion and violence. With a sexy, pop-rock score (music by Robert Maggio) and a story that is both touching and tragic, (book/lyrics by Amy Buchwald), CANDY HEARTS received its first industry reading in February 2013. Amy Buchwald’s blog about the show appeared in the Huffington Post.

Candy Hearts–Ensemble

Touch of Love–Sandy/Brian

My Father’s House–Devi

A Man’s Man–Mark

Touch of Love (reprise)–Brian

Centuries Old–Prem

I Never Told–Mother (Craig)

Touch of Love (reprise)–Mark

Baby Proof–Brian/Sandy

I Met a Teacher–Craig


Centuries Old (reprise)–Prem

Mine, All Mine–Brian

I am Drifting–Devi

The Weight of Your Hands–Brian

A Ghost’s Prayer–Sandy/Devi

Lullaby–Sandy/Mother (Craig)

Metro, Page 9–Ensemble