Bonnets & Bling —2016

Book and Lyric by Matthew Hardy Music by Robert Maggio

Three Texas beauties compete to win their town’s annual Easter bonnet competition and a fresh dressed New York City thug tries to go straight to impress the girl on his block. Northeast meets Southwest in two tales about vanity and the sacrifices we make for love. Lies are told, prayers are uttered, punches are thrown and bullets fly in this new musical based on the short stories of O. Henry.


Act One – Bonnets
Tonia Weaver and her friends are preparing for their West Texas communities annual Easter bonnet competition. Tonia is the reigning champion and her friends are looking for an opportunity to knock her off her high horse. When Tonia’s Easter bonnet doesn’t arrive in time for the competition, she sends two love-struck young men on a race against the clock to buy her a new bonnet in Dallas and return in time for her to make her entrance at the Easter Sunday service the following morning. Her two would be suitors almost kill one another in their contest to see who can bring back Tonia her prize. In the end Tonia has to choose between the winning bonnet and the young man who has proven his love for her.

Act Two – Bling
“The Kid” a young New York City thug falls for Leta, an intelligent young woman with a love of poetry. Leta insists that Kid better himself, give up his criminal habits and break away from his gang. But Kid, who has grown accustomed to the expensive wardrobe his criminal enterprises have provided him, finds it difficult to leave his old habits behind. Meanwhile, Leta’s friend Shanice is on a quest to find a man who will cover her with expensive jewelry. She thinks she’s found her guy when she meets Ben, a young Jewish man whose family owns a chain of jewelry stores. But Ben is not as generous with the tokens of affection as Shanice would like. Everything comes to a head when an expensive necklace is reported stolen and Kid’s reformation is called into question.



Act 1

Christy Dawn (F, early 20s) A holier-than-thou leader of a west Texas Bible study group.

Laura June (F, early 20s) Another member of the group. A sunshiny gal who’d freely admit that “she’s not the brightest sandwich at the picnic.”
Tonia Weaver (F, early 20s): Also a member of the bible study group and reigning champion of the Easter bonnet competition.

Wells Pierson (M, early 20s) A young cowboy with an old soul that loves the simplicity of country life.
Paisley Fish (M, 20s) A wealthy ranch owner with a severe lack of social skills.
FedEx Guy (M, any age over 25): A gullible FedEx delivery man
Street Vendor (M/F, any age over 25): A fast talking street vendor working the sidewalks of downtown Dallas.
Easter Bonnet Competition Host (M, any age over 25): Your typical beauty pageant host.


Act 2
Blocks (M, early 20s) Hot headed leader of a New York City inner city gang.
Lil-J (M, early 20s) Another member of the gang. A little guy trying too hard to fit in.

The Kid (M, early 20s): Best dressed member of the gang.
Mrs. Hethcote (F, 50-death) A rich old woman.
Officer Pogan (M, any age over 25) The local law enforcer.
Leta (F, early 20s): An intelligent young women with plans to put herself thru college.

Shanice (F, early 20s): A bubbly party girl who loves bling.
Ben (M, 20s) A young Jewish man who works at his family’s jewelry stores.


(With doubling both Acts can be done with 8 actors.)


Musical Numbers

Act 1: Bonnets

Consider the Lilies – Christy Dawn, Laura June & Tonia

Ounce of Quit – Wells
Rules of Engagement – Wells & Paisley
Grand Romantic Gesture – Tonia

Pride Goeth – Christy Dawn & Laura June

Rules of Engagement (reprise) – Wells & Paisley

Ounce of Quit (reprise) – Tonia
I Got Hats! – Street Vendor
Rules of Engagement (reprise) – Wells & Paisley

Easter Queen – Company
Bleeding and Broken – Wells
It Suits Me Better – Tonia & Wells
Consider the Lilies Finale – Company


Act 2: Bling

Mad Shoe Game – Blocks, Lil-J & Kid
Use Your Words – Leta & Shanice
I Don’t Need Her – Kid
Shall I Compare – Kid & Leta with Blocks & Lil-J
Bling! – Shanice with Blocks & Lil-J
Whipped/Happy On So Little/I Don’t Need Them – Blocks & Lil-J / Leta & Kid / Kid Shall I Compare (reprise) – Kid & Leta

Bar Mitzvah After Party – Shanice, Blocks, Lil-J & Ben
Bling! (reprise) – Blocks, Shanice, Leta, Kid, Lil-J & Mrs. Hethcote

Broke Your Word – Leta, Kid & Shanice
You Should Have Diamonds – Kid & Leta
Happy On So Little Finale – Leta, Kid, Shanice & Ben
Bling! Curtain Call – Company